Many individuals and families make the decision to prearrange and fund their funerals before the need arises. The benefits to this preparation are many. Provides peace of mind

  • Reflects your express wishes
  • Relieves your loved ones of making decisions on your behalf during a time of high stress
  • Minimizes or eliminates the financial burden to your family
  • Pays for your funeral arrangements at todays cost.

Once you have made your decisions, tell us the exact funeral service you would like planned. We will help you put it in writing, so there will be no doubt of your expressed wishes. This will help eliminate family disputes or involvement by others who may not know what you desire. Your loved  ones will not need to question themselves, “Did we do the right thing?”, “Did we spend enough?”,Is it what he or she desired?”, ” Who and how are we going to pay for this?” Because you put it all in writing, the assumptions and uncertainty are eliminated.

Several payment methods are available to fund your funeral plan. Our professionals at Wills’ Funeral Service,Inc. are available to assist you through this process.

To start your Pre-Need care, please start by filling out our form below.