• Mission Statement

  • Our Mission Statement

    It is the mission of Wills' Funeral Service,Inc. to guide and serve all families and individuals in a professional,timely and caring manner. Our first priority is to provide the very best in caring, compassionate and quality service to every family we are entrusted to serve. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading Death Care provider, by raising the standards with the highest level of reverence, professionalism, and quality of service with value at a reasonable cost to every family without respect to race or economical status. To provide to our employees the best suitable working environment that will enhance and develop their skills and knowledge to equal the standards of the company's achieved image and integrity to the families we serve. To always remember that service is our greatest product and employees our greatest assets. To always remember God our creator as the rewarder of our success and the provider of the privileged abilities and opportunity to serve humanity.