• Vaults

  • Premium vaults combine the finest in engineering, workmanship and materials to offer vaults of unsurpassed beauty, strength and protection.

  • Wilbert's finest burial vault. Ultra high-strength concrete core, triple reinforced with bronze, a high-impact ABS Trilon thermoplastic interior, and an ABS Marbelon encased plastic exterior. Brilliant carapace finished with non-rusting bronze. Solid die-cast handles and personalized bronze nameplate. Brass Memorialization Plus Capsule for personalization and identification.


  • Standard

  • Standard vaults combine innovative technology and meticulous attention to detail to offer vaults of superior beauty, strength and protection.

  • Timeless strength complements the warmth and beauty of copper in this double reinforced vault with a corrosion-resistant copper interior and a solid copper exterior carapace.


  • High-strength concrete reinforced with stainless steel and high-impact ABS Trilon® thermoplastic

    • Brilliant stainless steel carapace

    • Special emblems and customized nameplate

    • Brass Memorialization Plus™ capsule


  • Double Lined Stainless Steel and Seamless Plastic, Stainless Steel Carapace with Cameo Rose Emblem, High-Strength Concrete Construction


  • Basic vaults are crafted from a wide range of materials, ensuring that an affordable choice is available to suit your needs.

    Venetian  - $2,000.00

  • Double wall construction Steel reinforced concrete Ribbed Durapreme lining Textured hand-coated exterior Personalizing nameplate 70-year warranty


  • This high-strength concrete single reinforced vault provides strength and durability at value pricing.