• Mr. Kenneth Scott

    16 Nov 2015

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    Mr. Kenneth Scott

    D.O.D. 11/16/2015
    Age: 53
    Place of Death: Tuscaloosa, AL.

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    Funeral services for Mr. Kenneth Scott will be held Saturday November 21, 2015 at 1pm in the main Chapel of Wills’ Funeral Service, Pastor Terry Cole will officiate burial will follow in Cedar Oak Memorial Park. Wills’ Funeral Service of Northport in charge of all arrangements.

    Public viewing: Friday 12noon-7pm
    Flower times: Friday 9am-5pm
    Saturday 9am-12:30pm


    Condolences, with deepest sympathy, to the family of Mr. Kenneth Scott. I didn't personally know Mr. Scott, but I do know the pain of losing a loved one in death. Having experienced this pain, I have devoted part of my ministry to providing words of encouragement to bereaved families. Family, please know that the creator of life, Jehovah God, never purposed for humans to die. In fact, his purpose was for humans to live forever in a paradise earth (Genesis 2:15-17). His purpose has not changed. God hates death and calls it an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). He has promised a time when there will be no more mourning and no more death (Revelation 21:4). He has also provided a means for us to see our dead loved ones again through the resurrection hope - for he promises "there is going to be a resurrection" (Acts 24:15). Since he is the God who "cannot lie" (Titus 1:2), we can be assured of his promises. Please find answers to questions such as "why do we die?" "where are the dead?" "will suffering ever end?" etc., at www.jw.org. May the God of all comfort provide your family a measure of comfort during this time of your loss (2 Corinthians 1:3,4).


    John 5:28,29-"Do not be amazed at this, or the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment." Soon your loved one will hear the voice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and awaken to live forever on a new paradise earth where death will be no more, neither will pain and suffering. (Revelation 21:1-4) What a wonderful day it will be when you welcome him back with open arms!


    My condolences to the family of brother Kenny. He was a kind..caring man.He was always willing to teach and lend a hand.He had a good heart...willing to listen and give advice. ..a blessing to have as a friend and coworker. He will be missed.


    To the family of Mr. Kenneth Scott. I knew Kenny well, I worked with him at Mercedes. He was a kind hearted christian and I'm so glad of that, because I know that our hearts are heavy with grief right now because we want see him here anymore, but we can rejoice also because we know that one day we will see him when we all meet up in Glory. I pray for his families strength and courage to keep on going in the name of Jesus. It's gonna be hard but ask the Lord to lift up your eyes to the hills from where all your help comes from, and keep His loving arms wrapped around you for comfort. We loved him but God loved him more and only He can see what we can't, and He's always going to do what's best for us even when we don't feel like it is, but God knows. God Bless and Keep You


    Karen I am so sorry to her of the passing of Kenneth. Please know that you and yuor fàmily is in our prayers.


    Mr. Scott, I'm sorry for your loss. You don't know me but I worked with Kenneth at Tamko, and also at Mercedes Benz. Anytime Kenneth and I talked, it always ended in laughter. Those are the memories that I will cherish when I think of him. I pray that you and your family will be able to do the same. Derrick French Sr.